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Handmade by myself, these candles are wonderfully natural in every way, the wax is from busy British bees, this wax is beautifully rich in colour and aroma. The warming scent and silky texture is unmistakable.


Our luxury wax brittle along with our deluxe scented candles are incredibly strong and powerful when it comes to filling a room with fragrance. Every single scent is tested and tested to make sure our customers will never be disappointed!

We use 100% natural cotton wicks, soaked in beeswax to prime the wick for use with our beeswax candles, and use wooden wicks for our scented candles to give the best hot throw and a very lavish aesthetic.


Welcome to my Business

After becoming a mother, I wanted to create a business which I could work around my son and his needs, this is a super common story among parents! After some thought, I began to research various things I was interested in and what I could do to achieve my objective. Thus The Hive and Well Company was born! 

It is highly important to me that all aspects of my company are ethical and environmentally friendly. This has led me to making sure all of my packaging and so forth are either made from recycled materials or can be recycled themselves. 
Each package is supplied with bee friendly wildflower seeds, to encourage those who buy my products to help in their own way too. 

So please support my little business and help both myself and our brilliant British bees!!

Since debuting my business on 1st January 2020, I have sold over one thousand beeswax candles! I have now added to my business by introducing a coconut wax scented candle range, coconut wax scented brittle, intensely scented salts along with The Hive and Well Mix, a mix of British wildflower seeds and a small variety of wax melt burners.

Every item I create has been extensively tested to ensure they all perform at the highest level. Any candle I sell which comes in a container (glass or tin vessel) has been wicked to make sure the scent fills the room. This is based on a standard room size, larger rooms may vary.

I also only use vessels which have been created for use with candles, your safety is paramount to us and we know from extensive research and interactions with other chandlers who have been in the business for years, that 'upcycling' may be good in a recycling sense, but not in a safety sense.


The vessels we use have been tested by professional manufacturers to make sure they are safe to use at high and sustained temperatures to prevent cracking or even shattering.

We also temperature test the vessels themselves on the outside to make sure they are not 'too hot to handle'.

Our beeswax candles are cruelty and scent free, totally natural with minimal alterations. They are not considered to be vegan, however the bees are in no way harmed or upset in the process of extracting the wax. They are left with enough to sustain their entire colony and are provided with extra fondant in harsh weather/seasonal conditions.

Anything which is not beeswax is considered 100% vegan and 100% cruelty free, the fragrance oils are made specifically to be burned in a candle. Please be aware we do not use straight essential oils in any of our products. there are far too many known to be dangerous to pregnant ladies, animals and children and after extensive research via vets and aromatherapists, we decided this would be the wrong choice for our company.

Each scent we use has the CLP safety information placed on the website listing and on the vessel/packing you receive it in. This is to comply with UK laws. 

Company Objectives

Our main objective with Hive and Well is to support our busy buzzy buddies, the British honeybee. 

Their main goal is to produce honey and when this liquid gold is harvested, the wax is very often discarded as a waste product. However, with the correct filtering it can be made into a thing of beauty in its own rite. 

Thus using this wonderfully luxurious ‘waste’ to create our candles, means their efforts to feed and breed will not go down in vain. 


We are intent on producing stunning items for all to enjoy, so whilst you may decide against beeswax for your own reasons, we do provide an alternative so there is always something for everyone!

Whilst every intention has been made to produce a well filtered product, due to the nature of the wax, it is impossible to filter out every single fleck and speck of natural matter. 

I must also stress that I make every candle individually by hand, this means that it is imperative that imperfections and differences will be found in each one. This is all part of the charm and character of this material and my business! 

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions!

Thank you for taking the time to visit,


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