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As the title suggests, this is a little info on our new loyalty scheme!
For those of you, and I'm delighted to say there are a fair few, who come back again and again to buy your candles from us, we would like to offer you the opportunity to collect a little bee with every order you make over £15 (not including p&p)
Our busy little bees which you collect and stick on your loyalty card (opt in at checkout) will eventually equate to a little present from us...
Once you have reached 6 bees, we will send you a code to receive 2o% off your next order PLUS a free gift from us.​
Once you have completed your card you will automatically be sent a new card unless you decide you do not wish to have another.
Did you know we will also be offering a 'commission' incentive?
If you wish to be involved in this, please send us a message for a unique code for you to hand out to whoever you think may like our products. For every time your unique code is used, not only will they receive a 10% discount, but so will you!
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