Christmas Special - Christmas Candle Set

Christmas Special - Christmas Candle Set

Handmade by myself at Hive and Well HQ!

Limited Quantities, Perfect Christmas present as an eco friendly gift! 

These beautiful unscented candles are perfect for creating a warm glowing ambience, for a romantic evening in or cosy downtime with a good book

Sold in sets of 2. Lovely unusual shape with bee emblems all the way round 

Comes with a free sample of bee friendly wildflower seeds and 100% eco friendly packaging!

Beeswax is a safe, sustainable byproduct created by bees when making honey. It purifies the air, along with giving off a wondrous rich aroma whilst burning. 

I use cotton wick, soaked in beeswax, a natural and sustainable material with very little waste. It is biodegradable and widely grown. 

The beeswax I use is sourced from an apiary 2 miles away from me in South East England. I pride myself on using British beeswax produced by British bees to support this industry.

Every piece of our packaging is recycled/recyclable and/or biodegradable. 

Please Note: 

REGARDING POSTAGE:  I will not take responsibility for any damage done to the packaging whilst in transit, items will ONLY be refunded if they are returned to me, as per my refund policy.

Due to the nature of this product, there may be specks of natural matter remaining after the filtering process.

I hand make every single candle I sell, this means that there may be imperfections in some or slight differences between candles. This is unavoidable and adds to the charm and character of my business!