Magic 8 Box

Magic 8 Box

Want to try a few of our brittle scents?
Choose 8 different scents to see what scents suit your tastes, 15% off single priced 50g bags.
Each bag has a calculated net weight of approximately 50g and over 3 days burn time!
Wix only offers a maximum of 6 variants. This means, I will have to ask you to manually type the 7th and 8th scent you would like included in your box. Hopefully they will alter this at some point! 

Fully CLP compliant, each scent's CLP, along with the scent descriptions, can be found on the relevant scent's listings in the WAX BRITTLE Section.
Fully Insured, please feel free to contact me for any help or queries you may have.
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    United Kingdom

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