Small Beeswax Candle Selection Box

Small Beeswax Candle Selection Box

Handmade by myself at Hive and Well HQ!

Consists of:
2 x 120mm Hand Rolled Candles
2 x Bee Hexagon Candles
2 x Mini Hand Rolled Candles
4 x Standard Tealights

Available with a unique H&W Notecard, please see the listing options. Please put a note of which card number you would like in the personalisation option or in the message to seller. 

All our candles are made of 100 % natural beeswax, produced by our bees in our Sussex apiary. 

These beautiful unscented beeswax candles are perfect for creating a warm glowing ambience, for a romantic evening in or cosy downtime with a good book. 

Beeswax and beeswax candles promote inner wellness to help restore balance to ourselves and our busy minds. 

Using an 100% natural and sustainable product we are helping those who are serious about the earth, our environment and sustainable living. 

Every piece of our packaging is recycled/recyclable, sustainably sourced, reusable and/or biodegradable. 

Wax Facts:

•	Beeswax has been tested and proven to be effective against a variety of bacteria. 

•	Beeswax has been tested to prove it’s antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

•	Contains zero additives, solvents, chemicals, parabens, silicones and other nasty things. No artificial colours or scents.

Facts about Hive and Well Products:

•	Our beeswax from both our own hives and local beekeepers. 

•	All our packaging is either one or more of the following: recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, reusable, sustainably sourced. 

•	All our candles and other products are made using 100 % natural beeswax, produced by our bees in our Sussex apiary. 

•	Colours and scent can differ from batch to batch due to the untouched raw beeswax that comes from different part of the hives and the bees will also be bringing in pollen from a variety of plants and flowers, thus creating wax which constantly changes in scent and colour.

•	Due to the nature of this product, there may be specks of natural matter remaining after the filtering process.

•	Our Hives and bees are left natural, we do not treat them with chemicals or feed them with anything artificial. If they are struggling for any reason, be it weather or foraging issues, they are given a mixture we call ‘Honey Water’ which is made up of honey and herbs in order to help give them a boost.

•	We have been running for two years and do a range of beeswax candles and other products. We have our own exclusive bee inspired range of note cards featuring honeybees and bumble bees. 

•	Every single item is handmade or hand poured by Jodi, the owner of The Hive and Well Company. I every single candle I sell, this means that there may be imperfections in some or slight differences between candles. This is unavoidable and adds to the charm and character of my business!

•	Hand poured means each candle is poured by me from a jug. I don't use any machines, everything is done entirely by me, thus each candle or product is unique.

•	Extensive research and testing goes into all our products so we know they are fit for purpose. 

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