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It depends on what soil you have, but rule of thumb is as follows, you may need to tweak these general instructions;


  • The seeds will need planting in Spring or left until Autumn, ideally when the soil is neither too wet nor too dry.

  • Dig over the soil with a fork or spade and break up or put aside large clumps. Remove weeds so the wildflowers don't have any competition, and any large stones.

  • Rake the soil so it's fine and crumbly - lumpy soil may bury seeds; if it's too hard, roots will be unable to penetrate the ground.

  • They can also be sprinkled into a tub of your choice, again making sure that any hard lumps are broken up or removed. The best soil for these is a fine top soil.

  • Scatter your wildflower seeds over the soil by hand - a little at a time for an even spread.

  • We have added a spreading agent to make spreading easier.

  • Rake/spread the soil again - gently - to just cover the seeds with a very thin layer (1mm)

  • Seeds need sunlight, so be careful not to bury them or they won't grow.

  • Very gently, water the whole area using a watering can or a low force hose gun. The seeds will wash away very easily if too much force is used.

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