The Ranges

This is a summary of all the ranges The Hive and Well Company make. We strive to have a variety of items so everyone can find something which is perfect for them!

  • The Hive and Well Company

    This is where it all began, traditional pure, unadulterated British beeswax candles. These will always be my favourite to work with and I hope you enjoy using these golden wonders as much as I enjoy making them.

  • The Scented Collection - Debuting on 18th February

    I recieved some enquiries asking whether I would ever be offering any scented candles, this made me have a go to see how I fared. I actually found it super easy and knew I would be able to give my customers a natural wax candle, with a strong hot throw which fills the room. I personally test every scent to ensure the quality is superior. 

  • Scentuous Salts

    These are better known in the home fragrance world as 'Sizzlers'  We use Pink Himalayan Salt in order to give people the known benefits of heated Himalayan salt whilst enjoying one of over twenty different scents we have to offer you.

  • Wax Brittle

    Our traditional wax melts are in no way the same old. We make wax brittle using natural wax which is totally cruelty free and vegan friendly. The are no artificial colours or additives. Just plain old wax, botanicals and fragrance oils. Each 100g bag will last you 5 days+!!!

  • Holders and Burners

    I try to find unusual holders and burners for my customers so they know they will always be able to find something, just that little bit different here at Hive and Well HQ

  • Wellspring Wax - Coming Soon

    This is our current 'work in progress' 

    I am actually so excited about our forth coming 'bottled wax'! Watch this space...

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